'We Cannot Grow or Develop Within Non-Stimulating Environments'

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



  •  1500 BC Egypt  Ebers Papyrus: Used color in medicine, develops 'color cures' in Ancient Egypt.

  • 600 BC Greece  Both Pythagoras & PlatoStudents of the first Metaphysical Mystery School, expanding the use of color in medicine. 

  • 460 - 377 BC Greece  Hippocrates: Developed diagnostic approach, developing the practice of color diagnosis. This remained undisputed for several centuries.

  • 1642 - 1726 Great Britain  Sir Isaac Newton: Physicist - Responsible for current understanding of the Optical Spectrum.

  • 1749 - 1832 Germany  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Philosopher, writer, and politician proves how the brain processes color and includes emotional responses, expanding on our sensory perception of color.

  • 1900 - 1988 United States  Faber Birren: Author and color theorist, links human perception of color to both emotional and physical response​s.

  • 1910 - 1996 Germany  Dr. Heinrich Freiling: Institute of Color Phycology - Studied with Dr. Lucsher & Founded the IACC.

  • 1923 - 2017 Switzerland  Dr. Max Lucsher: Institute of Psycho-Medical - Measurement of individual's psychophysical state based on color preferences. 

  • 1947 - 2015 Germany  Frank Mahnke: Architect / Color Scientist - Expanding the practices and teachings of Goethe and Birren, studies color and human response in the built environment, and becomes the mentor to Gillian C. Rose.




ASID, Professional Member
AIA, Affiliate Member
CMG, Color Marketing Group 
IACC_NA, President Elect, Emirati
PUBLICOLOR, Benefit Committee

Gillian C. Rose is a Canadian transplant whose New York-based interior design and color science consultancy draws on over two decades of professional design experience, emanating from her formal training from Parsons School of Design.


As a color scientist, Gillian works to ensure the positive integration of people and their environments. Her consultation process includes supporting the function of space, avoiding over and under-stimulating spaces based on personality and intent. 


An accredited member of the International Association of Color/ Design Consultants North America, Gillian uses the psychological and physiological impact of color on the human experience to bring exceptional creativity and tailored design edge to all projects, irregardless of their size. 

Past multiphase clients include, the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, a palace on London's Kensington Palace Gardens, the rebranding of The Barbizon Hotel in NY, NY  - into luxury, award- winning condominiums, Weill Cornell Medicine, NY, NY, the Nasher Art Museum at Duke University, Raleigh Durham, NC, and the Museum of Modern Art, NY, NY.