'Who told you that one paints with colors? One makes use of color, but one paints with emotions'           Jean Baptiste Corot

History  of  the  application  of  Color


  •  1500 BC Egypt  Ebers Papyrus: Used color in medicine, develops 'color cures' in Ancient Egypt.

  • 600 BC Greece  Both Pythagoras & PlatoStudents of the first Metaphysical Mystery School, expanding the use of color in medicine. 

  • 460 - 377 BC Greece  Hippocrates: Developed diagnostic approach, developing the practice of color diagnosis. This remained undisputed for several centuries.

  • 1642 - 1726 Great Britain  Sir Isaac Newton: Physicist - Responsible for current understanding of the Optical Spectrum.

  • 1749 - 1832 Germany  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Philosopher, writer, and politician proves how the brain processes color and includes emotional responses, expanding on our sensory perception of color.

  • 1900 - 1988 United States  Faber Birren: Author and color theorist, links human perception of color to both emotional and physical response​s.

  • 1910 - 1996 Germany  Dr. Heinrich Freiling: Institute of Color Phycology - Studied with Dr. Lucsher & Founded the IACC.

  • 1923 - 2017 Switzerland — Dr. Max Lucsher: Institute of Psycho-Medical - Measurement of individual's psychophysical state based on color preferences. 

  • 1947 - 2015 Germany  Frank Mahnke: Architect / Color Scientist - Expanding the practices and teachings of Goethe and Birren, studies color and human response in the built environment:  Gillian's Mentor.

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About Gillian C. Rose

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ASID  Professional Member
AIA     Affiliate Member

IIDA    Past Director Residential Design
CMG  Color Marketing Group 
IACC,NA  President Elect
PUBLICOLOR   Benefit Committee

Gillian C. Rose: Environmental Design, from Parsons School of Design: is a Canadian transplant, whose interior design and color science consultancy began in NYC, and is now calls Los Angelas, her home. 


As a color scientist, Gillian concern is foremost about creating "Intentional Color Palettes'. These palettes are established through a process that considers both who will be inhabiting the space and the environments primary function.  

An accredited member of the International Association of Color/ Design Consultants North America, Gillian uses the psychological and physiological impact of color on our psyches, to create  peace & harmony from within.   

Large scale multifunction projects include,  Boston Convention & Exhibition Center;  a palace on London's Kensington Palace Gardens;  rebranding The Barbizon Hotel into luxury condominiums,  NY, NY; Research Departments within Weill Cornell Medicine, NY, NY;  Nasher Art Museum @ Duke University, Raleigh Durham, NC;  Re-Design of Museum of Modern Art, NY, NY.  Low Income Housing, Bronx, NY 

        PHONE 1 917 288 0945

        E-MAIL:  Info@thescienceofcolor.com

        INSTAGRAM:  @thescienceofcolor