Man needs color to live; it’s just as necessary an element as fire and water                                                                                                              Fernand Leger

Gillian C. Rose

Color Scientist  Interior Designer

Color, it is all about you! 

We create individual Sanctuary through Color


 2021 is for nesting & nurturing 


Imagine _ feeling however you wish... there’s a color for that.    Together,  we  unveil   yours.

Even with color, 1 size definitely does not fit  all   ‘color of the year ' is not about you!

Our color responses are primal


Each of us are born with individual responses to color, through the genetic makeup of our DNA.

Homeowners : Are you like most folks, when and you partner disagree on colors? It’s not personal, it’s science.  Extroverts & Introverts need very different colors to feel at peace.

Together, through our playful process, we unveil  yours.


Multi Family/Corporations : Are you creating environments that support all? Extroverts & Introverts need very different colors to become engaged. Through scientific analysis, we create pallets that sooth/engage both.

Color is 80% of our visual perception


How We Experience Color