Man needs color to live; it’s just as necessary an element as fire and water                                                                                                              Fernand Leger

Gillian C. Rose

Architectural Colorist  Interior Designer

       Color, it is all about you! 

Did you know we all have responses to color that soothes or disrupts our inner peace? 

Imagine an architectural colorist doesn't tell you what colors to choose ... Instead, offering you color tools, which allow you to discover colors that resonate within you.  These colors become your 'Primal Colors'. 


'Primal Colors' are not about trends, they are literally about you! Your 'Primal Colors' reflect how you respond to specific color vibrations.


Your 'Primal Colors' will forever offer you balance & harmony  within.

Comfort is the interaction between body & space. Color's role is so significant to our physical comfort, because it is 80% of our visual perception.

 Color is the Ultimate Influencer 


Surrounding yourself  in  your 'Primal Colors', can be as enlightening as a re birth towards your inner peace.

Now in LA, 20 years ago, I began my award winning interior design practice in NYC. Color is what we all crave. Many can't tell which color to choose.

 Isn't it time you discover your 'Primal Colors' ...  


How We Experience Color