‘Man needs color to live; it’s just as necessary an element as fire and water.’ Fernand Leger

Gillian C. Rose

Color Scientist  Interior Designer

                           COLOR IS ALL ABOUT YOU

Gillian C. Rose, founder of The Science of Color, combines science, art and intuition. 

Applying an evolutionary approach combining  design and color with a scientific bias to serve her client’s personal needs. Gillian is committed to creating Humane Environment that reflect who you are, and how you wish to feel;  within residential and  commercial entities.  


Is an alchemy of primal/psycho/physiological considerations, that's a

complicated way of saying - Gillian's  approach, for private homes, is 

playful interactive method, uncovering your primal responses to color.

For Public or Multi Use projects, her intention is clear: Creating Humane Environments that support the human condition, through the application + understanding of color stimuli. 

                                 COLOR WITH INTENT 


How We Experience Color